(en) Derrick creates artworks that sublimate the heritage and transcend the visitor, allowing a new eye, between the past and the future.

(en) Derrick Giscloux was born in 1972 in Africa.
Throughout his creations, Derrick minds to produce a masterful art designed and tuned like a musical instrument.
He reveals beautiful  artworks that merge the senses and sublimate the perception.
He processes the light into a song that carries you for a journey that transcends you, that refocus on yourself and your aspirations.

Derrick’s artwork is sponsored by the french ministry of culture and the city of Saint-Etienne, labeled unesco city of design.



FR. artist Derrick Giscloux (born 1972 in Africa) is sponsored by Saint-Etienne City, the UNESCO City of Design (https://www.designcities.net/city/saint-etienne/).
Last works were commissioned by Saint-Etienne City with support from Cultural Affairs Department, the City Event Department and the technical help of Opera House.

Derrick’s current artworks are mainly commissionned by General Council of Hautes-Pyrénées department area, France (EU) , General Council of Seine-et-Marne department area, France (EU) , and General Council of Loire department area France (EU).

Several previous artworks were supported by the office of Cultural Affairs (French Ministry) and awarded by the Scan price, a dedicated price to digital and interactive innovation by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region area.


Derrick also leads a music career as a composer and guitarist playing with Lyon Opera House, Suisse Orchestra, Nice Philharmonique Orchestra and with several Jazz, Rock & Pop Bands.

Derrick is artistic director and community activist. He founded the Creative Art Company (CreArtCom) a french digital art studio birthed in Lyon downtown and today based in Saint-Etienne city

In 2012 he has built a cultural place called Espace-ALTNET in Lyon, France, about contemporary cultures, technologies & alternatives. ALTNET received a subside from a private sponsor, and from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Council and The Regional Office of Cultural Affairs (France). Since its creation the venue organizes event and talks, as well as workshops and so on, monthly.

Derrick Gisloux was the artistic director for the digital arts part of Electrochoc Festival (new media arts & electronic music in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region area) during several years. He had the responsability of the exhibition program as well as the workshop and performance program. He led a team of 15 people and made possible the works coming from USA, Asia and several countries in Europe.

For two years he created the main scenography of the festival with robotics art works and luminous materials such as electroluminescent wire and hundred meters of led strip. Some of the main exhibitions were called « rendez-vous in infinite territories » (2013) and « Utopia, the city that moves » (2014)


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