a space-stretched modular sound abyss for city lovers, travelers and families

CORRIDOR - Derrick Giscloux

can be setup as a zigzag path, a circular tunnel or adjustable urban stairs passage

Corridor was coproduced by City of Saint-Etienne (FR), labeled UNESCO City of Design
Commissionned by the Cultural Affairs Department, Raphaël Jourjon
Manufactured by the workshops of the Saint-Etienne Opera house, direction Olivier Périn
With the support of  the city event management: Fabien Romezin, Abdenour Titem
Photo by Pierre Grasset, courtesy of the communication department, Pauline Dejob

/ Thanks /
This creation is dedicated to the memory of Daniel Garcia, who passed away in September 2019.

Thanks to the open source communities for making public their awesome work in a will of sharing and mutual growth. This work could not have be done without their approach and help.

Thanks to the whole FastLED community
Thanks to the contributors of the mosquitto project

For their work and their help, thanks to

James Sleeman
Arthur Suzuki
Nick O’Leary

Thanks to David et Kevin, from MHz  for their availability and expertise

« We are like dwarves sitting on the shoulders of giants. If we see more things and more distant than them, it is not because of the perspicacity of our sight, nor of our greatness, it is because we are brought up by them. « 
Bernard de Chartres (twelfth century).

The only true artistic path sublimating the heritage and transcending the visitor, allowing a new eye on the past.


The corridor is transmuted into an audiolight kaleidoscope in which the back and forth emotions stretch in space-time and carry off the passers-by.