Seen as a beautiful bright and sonorous white lady, Circularium is a kinetic and interactive work of 4 to 5 meters high whose architecture is based on the circle and the concept of circular light.

With this panoptic scenography and its spatialized sound, the artist immerses the audience in a multimedia atmosphere: 360 degrees of light and sound.

The project aims to use the cylindrical profile of the device for circulating light frames and orient the eyes and the senses in all directions, mysteriously revealing the heritage and raising bridges with the collective imagination.

The work has an impact architecture and extract stone sensitive qualities contributing to vibrate in sympathy heritage and visitor, past and look alive.

The work uses 5760 LEDs individually addressable and placed in 96 meters of polycarbonate tubes. The multiphonic sound consists of 8 speakers placed around the circumference of a 12 meters cold curved steel structure.

Circularium is both a short light & sound show and an interactive installation for public experimentation through a handwork gestural controller working with no contact required.


CreArtCom-studio (Creative Art Company) and Château de Blandy-les-Tours.
Object design, art Direction, sound composition &  light coding: Derrick Giscloux.
Making: Kalash Agostini, David Strickler, Arthur Suzuki.
Illustrations, photos: Eléonore Sabaté, David Strickler.


Circularium was originally commissioned by the General Council of Seine-et-Marne (french area department) for the « Archive Tower » in Blandy-Les-Tours Castle (near Versailles), an historic and grandiose heritage of the department, completely revamped.

The artwork receives funding from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region Council and the Regional Office of Cultural Affairs (French Ministry)

Early 2017 the artwork was awarded by the Scan price, a dedicated price to digital and interactive innovation.


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